Monthly Archives: January 2020

Happy New Year! (Finally)

By the time December 31st rolls around each year, I’m ready for a new year.

2019 felt especially hard for me as a person on this planet. Global warming, tweeted bully messaging, mass shootings – you know what I mean.

I nearly lost hope. But I didn’t.

I think the people of this planet are stuck at a fork in the road. That means that there can be an alternative to the path we’ve been on, the path that is culminating in a global extinction event, the popularity of HATE, and the loss of democracy.

Wow! Doom and gloom.

BUT, a fork means a decision.

We still have time to decide our collective future.

One of the most hopeful events rising out of all of this is the empowerment and motivation of the current generation of teenagers. They are protesting gun violence, violence, and global warming. They care. They don’t want to tolerate HATE. They want to change their world. They want to have a world to live in, a future.

They remind me that I used to care enough to do something, raise money and awareness, canvas neighborhoods with petitions, and join hands in NYC to sing We are the World and to believe the world could change.

I think it did to some degree, but people of this country and the planet as a whole, we have a long way to go.

There are the young people trying to change the pattern of the future. And, I can join them in action.

And, that is the power of hope.