Betsy Walters has been writing since she knew how to collect sentences into a story form and published her short story “Tom Thumb” to her 2nd grade class. Okay, someone else actually wrote this story, but after seeing an animated film version (circa 1967), Betsy was inspired to re-write Tom’s tale.

Besides, Pinter always said, if you see something really good – steal it! – and create something spectacular with it.

No, I’m not quoting the playwright, Harold Pinter – I’m quoting my acting teacher, Richard Pinter.

On the verge of 50, I have realized that I am an adult woman with ADHD and this has caused some of my other difficulties in life. Mainly being difficult to live with (in a lovable way, though*). Oh, and drinking too much (I am sober). Oh, and not being a very good wife (I’m divorced). And, forgetting to have children (I’m slowly and heart-brokenly accepting this). Just to name a few.

So, I’m looking around for something to steal because I know the Spectacular inside me is “barking to get out”!

Yes, I’m nuts.



*Depending on your definition of “lovable.”

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Betsy:

    Just saw your Linkedin profile and wondered if you’d be interested in doing some contract writing work for my firm. Briefly, my company creates online training for the pharmaceutical industry. I need some folks who can help conceive of and design highly interactive online learning experiences.

    If you’re interested, please give me a call as soon as you’re able.

    Nathan Pienkowski

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