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As a kid I struggled in school. I couldn’t learn the way my classmates did.

I loved to read, but I didn’t read very fast. I was very anxious. I felt left behind and was always trying to figure out how to catch up and fit in.

One of my teachers called me lazy when she displayed my math homework to the whole class on the overhead projector. It was a blank page except for the eraser and faded pencil marks. (Which she didn’t notice.) What she didn’t know was, as soon as I found out everyone else would see my work, I erased everything. I was afraid I’d done all of it wrong. So, I was trying to save face.

So, the outcome of that effort was a blow to my self-esteem and feeling mortified. And a general distrust of my teachers. 

I learned to memorize everything in my books to pass my classes and I graduated high school with a high B average. 

Would my life have changed had the school system and doctors knew about ADHD back then? I don’t know. I didn’t have a name for my struggles other than the family curse! Seems like a funny and wrong way to look at it now. 

But when I did get a name, ADHD, I was 48 years old. I mention this in my first blog. The diagnosis floored me!

Today I have a great therapist who is an ADHD expert. While searching to find out what was wrong with me, I found out what was right. 

I still have had the same struggles as others managing their ADHD. At the same time, all of us are unique and experience ADHD in different ways. 

As an ADHD Life coach, I want to provide support, understanding, and compassion for my clients. 

You can read my blogs or send me an email (on the contact page) if you want to talk or get to know more about my journey. I’d love to hear from you.

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