I am so frustrated by the insurrection yesterday, that is on January 6, 2021.

For one thing, let’s call it was it truly is – the President was trying to overthrow our government.

That’s treason. Forget the 25th amendment – how about arresting him for treason and inciting Federal property damage, inciting a mob riot.

Federal buildings were damaged. It’s a federal offense but no one seems to have been arrested for it.

The law enforcement personnel were insignificant and ineffective. Why weren’t they in place around the Capital building at the beginning of the day? They knew this would come but did nothing to preempt the event.

Why weren’t people arrested for breaking the curfew? For breaking Federal law?

This mob infuriates me because they are attacking my government. My vote. My liberty.

And, no one did anything about it. I felt so fearful, angry, and helpless as I watch this event unfold.

It’s irrational but I think they should all be exiled to Russia. Then they will realize what a dictatorship is and what it does to its population.

Okay – I got that off my chest.

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