As I Age

When life passes, it passes away,

Out of reach, out of time,

Whether person, place, or day,

Never, ever, does it replay.

Never is another chance,

To capture what I planned,

Whether children, whether romance,

I will always miss the dance.

Now, the end is coming near,

Ever close, I can’t un-age,

I can’t live in fear,

I need to make these happy years.

I can ask my Greatest Power,

Only to instill His strength,

I will not gain one single hour,

Only face what comes, not to cower.

I take His strength and then grow,

Face ever forward,

And then just go,

Look above and not below.

To be continued….

Poem: COVID-19 You Broke My Heart

I’ll tell you how this virus

Broke my heart when I met Cyrus

We met in POF and seem to hit it off.

We went to lunch and were so careful

We wore our masks and mine was purple.

It was a bit difficult to be heard,

When I’m nervous I get absurd.

Our words were cute,

I said I like your boots,

When we got up to take our leave

I didn’t mean to, but I grabbed his sleeve.

I said I enjoyed our time, you are such a blast!

His face turned red and he walked away.

And now I sit alone all day,

I think he thought I called him an ass!

My heart was broke, I just went home.

And here I sit again all alone.

I hate that damn COVID,

I’d like take it and to shove it,

But not up someone named Cyrus,

I hate this miserable virus,

I might just sound like I said “ass,”

True love, for now, I’ll take a pass.