Where have I been?

Since November 8th, I don’t know where I have been – meaning, mostly that I know I’ve been busy but doing what?

I lost my job AGAIN. So, I haven’t had to do anything this last month. But I have been busy.

Right now as I write I am listening to Connie Domino give a free workshop on the “Law of Forgiveness,” on BlogRadio. I need forgiveness – for myself and to work on forgiving others…and what better time of year than December – the month of the BIG holiday.

Ugh…can’t write and listen to the Law of Forgiveness! I’ll be back soon!

2 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. Betsy- how r u, remember me from SDI? Hope that u r well. Just checking in on ya. Stay strong, things will truly “right” themselves if you continue to persevere.


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