My God, it’s November

Someone just said to me, yesterday, that time goes faster the older you get.

Well, that seems like a rip-off.

Time is slow when you need less of it? When you’re in a diaper of your own mess, the minutes crawl? Seems backwards.

So, what do you do as you age and time flies on and on? How do you catch some time?

I have no idea.

I am just writing this to get some writing in. I was supposed to meet some people for coffee this morning but no one was there and the coffee shop was mysteriously closed. Not a typical Wednesday morning. The point being, I got to work about 35 minutes too early. Well, too early for me!

So what to do with a 35 minute extra start to my day? Well, of course, I first did some job searching, email answering, daily meditative reading, etc. And, then I remembered my blog – which is my outlet for writing while I have my Writing Block on.

Like many people, I usually put off doing the thing that I want to do and do a bunch of other stuff. Some of the other stuff is important – like finding a job – some of it is more on the lines of playing Mahjongg Dimensions (my favorite online game right now). Eventually, if I’m sitting at a computer long enough (like an 8-hours-a-day job), I may get to this blog.

What is that? Procrastinating my “art”? A friend gave me a great book – The War on Art – which is all about this topic of putting off the one thing – your art – that you want to do. I’ve read about half of the book. It’s really good. I need to get around to finishing it. But when will I find the time?

I’m joking, of course. The craziest part of my life is that it is wide open with time for “art.” I don’t have family attachments or holidays or kids or a dog. I do have cats. I do have a job. I do have friends and meetings and recovery. But really, that doesn’t take up that much time. I don’t even have to cook or clean unless I want to. So, what the hell am I doing?

So far, I am writing this blog. I am making piles of books at home that are “haven’t read, ain’t gonna” and “haven’t read, really want to,” and sorted through stuff I could possibly sell on eBay or Craig’s List or Replacements (because I need the cash). I have spent a lot of time worrying about how to make ends meet – like a lot of Americans are right now because of the lag in the economic upswing – must be newborn with a really heavy diaper because of its excruciating slow movement through time.

I also spend time praying about the things I worry about. Do you know that saying? “If you worry, why pray? If you pray, why worry?” Well, just in case, I’m going to continue doing both. While I have the time.

Ok – so that’s the extra 35 minutes. Hurrah, I did not ignore my “art.” My “art” time is over for now.

PS – The reason I put the word art in quotes is because it feels very pretentious to me to even refer to my writing or acting as “my art” or “art.” Although it is creative expression, seems like anything like real “art” in is the MOMA or NCMA. But maybe it’s pretentious to feel pretentious about it?

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