Love life…

Do you have a friend who absolutely loves her/his life? They find the positive in every situation and subject? Usually, I find a Pollyanna attitude too annoying to stick around for long.

I do have this one friend who is like this – Mary. Mary loves life no matter what is handed to her and she has had her hands full quite often. It has not been a bed of roses for Mary. But she loves her life. She smiles often. She thinks and reviews her situation often. And, she finds things in herself, her people, places, and things, that she needs to work on. But she doesn’t lose hope. And she finds obstacles to be challenges – exciting challenges.

There are very few people like Mary. When she tells a group of friends she just loves her life – I actually believe her. I don’t think in the back of my mind that she is deluding herself or us. She means it. But she has done the work to earn it as well. I have very rarely doubted Mary’s optimism and joy. If I did, it was a short time before I really got to know her.

Anyway, I’m not sure what my point is today – except that I wanted to honor Mary, my friend. For being honest, generous, open, and keeping optimistic even when it is difficult to do.

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