Do we need writers?

Ok – that’s just a play on yesterday’s title.

Of course we need writers, books, creativity, learning, dumbness, gifted people, ungifted people. ‘Nuff said.

I now can’t remember what I was thinking about this topic yesterday – oh, maybe about the America institution called the “public school system.” I worked there once and was reminded, being ADD and an INFP, that institutions are not conducive to my potential. Or life. Or anything else I may possess within myself!

So, after teaching, I had the opinion that, America as a whole needed to ditch public education. I mean, just pitch it! It doesn’t work, it costs way too much with way too little return for the client – meaning children who are becoming young working adults in society. It sucks for all participants.

Have you seen this?  ?  This presentation is exactly what I had concluded back in 2005 after I quit teaching (not that I figured this out before Sir Ken Robinson, just that, hurrah, thank you!).

So THAT is what I was thinking about this morning – that I have to leave this current job and boy, wouldn’t it be great to go to a job that embraces and cherishes the me that needs to MOVE to act and work intelligently, to CREATE in order to produce!!??

I am not good at sitting in a chair for 8 hours. It hurts. My back was killing me yesterday. They say kinetic people have the worst bodily damage from taking a sedentary job. But, I’m a writer who can type and edit and grasp highly complex concepts and go with it…so I sit at a desk to make a living.

Do you have any ideas for my abundant, positive, and future career path? I’m taking suggestions. Anything that doesn’t require me to be a waitress or a mime would be a welcomed idea.

PS – When I use the term “abundant” I don’t necessarily mean “high-paying” but I do not turn my button Irish nose up at the prospect of a better salary (see “Do we need Feminism” and the idea of helping other, youger women). What I mean is that I’m trying to see the Universe as abundant so that I’m not coming from lack.

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