Do we need Feminism?

I was thinking about this on my drive into work. I was thinking about alot of things but this question seemed revelent at the time.

I am struggling at work. Someone where I work really treats me with disrespect. She has treated me like I am a servant to a master. Why is that? I don’t know. I haven’t done anything I wasn’t asked to do in this job. Nor do I treat people with disrespect at work.

My resume shows about 25 years of experience in writing and editing – most of it technical writing. It shows I am overeducated. When talking with me – I think most would say I’m “bright, personable, intense.” So, I ain’t no dummy.

But this one person has treated me with little regard since I got here. And, now, she has confided in another worker that she isn’t sure about my work ethic. She has never made this comment to me.

Up until I wore myself out, I’d been working 8-5:30pm without a lunch. Gosh, what a slacker!

So why don’t women today help other women rise to success? That’s my definition of Feminism by the way. I get successful and solid and I turn back to show another woman how I did it and to help her do it.

I grew up as a teen in the 70s – so I know all the lore – I was in my State legislature when it voted down the ERA. I have gathered signatures. I have hung out with older women who blame men for everything. I actually pointed out to one of them that Women give birth and raise Men, so maybe we need to fix something there? I’ve known women who looked down on women who want to stay home and work at home being a mom and nurturer. I know women who burn (well, really, only threw out) their bras.

So, I thought about this a lot and came up with my idea that we need to be helping each other.

However, it seems like women are eager to squash other women in the business/academic/corporate world. They are threatened by a capable, intelligent woman. They see her as competition – just like they do when the turf is men – and have to keep her down. Even when they hand pick the woman for their work effort!


I decided this morning on my drive, that no matter when a person – a human being – gets to the table, they deserve to be treated as equal and whole. That a person isn’t threatening or competition unless I think they are. That I can invite this new person onto the turf with their unique contribution. That I don’t have to be afraid of someone else’s gifts and intelligence.

But, I think I have to start with believing that no matter how or when I get to the table, I deserve to be there. Then, I think I will have something to give to other women who have had to deal with prejudiced, biased, sexist, cruel, unjust, disrespectful, diminishing bosses, co-workers, women, and/or men in their lives.

I don’t know if the answer to the title question is yes. But, I do know that I want always to see others as human first, as vital contributors to life next, and seek to see their awesome potential at all times, and stay true to my belief that we are all equal under the eyes of a power I call God.

So, that means, I start with me and make sure I don’t treat people the way this woman at work is treating me.

2 thoughts on “Do we need Feminism?

  1. Hey betsy!!! I like your blog!!!! I have one too but I don’t have the dedication to update it everyday like I should. Man, your boss sounds like a clown; what’s her problem? And, she’s an academic? I think you’ve found the solution though, see you on facebook!

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