In the beginning…

there is “which theme do I pick?” So, I am starting with Koi – it’s feminine but not to girly, with a light background, so it’ll be easy to read postings. God! You know you’re getting older when you think about “easy to read.”

My original thought was to corner my business name “Betsy, Inc.” Which has a tag line of “Anything for you, dear.” Meaning, I can cook, clean, type, think, run errands, walk the dog, pick up poop, scoop the cat box, pill a pet, take your kids to school, train animals, write your research paper or do your research for you, draw, paint, hang curtains and pictures and hardware, garden, weed, coordinate projects or people, and last, but most important, surrender to a Higher Power.

Since January 2009, I have been struggling. Struggling with the rest of America to find a job, buy food, pay the utilities and mortgage, try not to add to any debt, pay off new debt, save some money, dream about what to do for my 50th birthday next year. And, I am still struggling, although I found work in February 2010. 13 months on unemployment! That’s probably one of the shorter stretches for the majority of us.

Sometimes, life feels “sucky” and sometimes, I feel “lucky.”

I know I am intelligent, empathetic, creative, talented, compulsive, distracted, caring, vigilantly observant, humorous, and, to some people, attractive. And on my bad or fearful days – discouraged, critical, isolated.

So, I want to bring myself to this life! And, I’m trying to figure out how, when, which, and what is blocking me from doing it?

I’m starting with Connie Domino’s workshop on her book “The Law of Forgiveness.”  Isn’t it a wonder that your life – MY life can be healed by me by forgiving and being forgiven. So, that’s the beginning of what comes next – letting the Law of Forgiveness govern Betsy, Inc.

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